As educators we often encounter those times when multiple students across the classroom have their hand up waiting for assistance. It is extremely hard at times to keep track of whose hand went up first or even what order they all went up over all. ClassroomQ is a product that helps to eliminate this problem from your classroom.

Teachers simply signup, login, create a session, and share their class code with the class. Student head to and enter their name and the class code. Now they simply press the button on their screen when assistance is needed.

There are both free and paid versions of ClassroomQ. The free version allows up to five students to be waiting in the queue at a time. The paid version ($19.99/year) ups this to unlimited and allows you to export the session data at the end to help with understanding student participation and success along with your own classroom management. There is also a school version available for purchase as well.

Head over to their website and try out this tool in your classroom. Also give them a follow on Twitter @theclassroomq.

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