Value 4 Value

What is Value 4 Value?

The value-for-value model of podcasting, popularized by the No Agenda show, is a unique and community-driven approach to content creation and support. This model emphasizes a reciprocal relationship between the content creators and their audience.

Listeners can support a podcast like EdTech Shorts using the value-for-value model by contributing in ways that reflect the value they receive from the show.

The contributions are categorized into three main types, known as the 3 Ts: Time, Talent, and Treasure.


  • Listener Engagement: Listeners dedicate their time to the podcast by actively engaging with the content, providing feedback, participating in discussions, and promoting the show within their networks.
  • Community Building: Audience members help in building and sustaining the podcast community by organizing meetups, moderating forums, and creating online spaces for discussion and interaction.
  • Content Contribution: Listeners spend time researching, fact-checking, and providing relevant information that can enhance the quality and accuracy of the podcast’s content.


  • Creative Skills: Talented listeners contribute their skills in areas such as graphic design, music production, voice-over work, and video editing to create supplementary content, enhance the podcast’s branding, or produce promotional materials.
  • Technical Expertise: Technically inclined audience members assist with website development, app creation, troubleshooting technical issues, and improving the overall digital infrastructure of the podcast.
  • Content Creation: Listeners with specific expertise or unique perspectives may contribute by creating segments, offering guest appearances, or collaborating on special episodes, thereby enriching the podcast’s diversity and depth.


  • Financial Support: Listeners contribute monetary donations to support the podcast’s production costs, including hosting fees, equipment purchases, and other operational expenses. These contributions can range from small, one-time donations to larger, recurring contributions.
  • Value Acknowledgement: Instead of relying on traditional advertising, the podcast sustains itself through direct listener support, which creates a more authentic and unfiltered content experience. Contributors often receive public recognition and appreciation, fostering a deeper connection and sense of ownership among the audience.
  • Merchandise and Fundraising: Purchasing merchandise or participating in fundraising initiatives provides additional financial support, helping to ensure the podcast’s longevity and enabling the creators to focus on delivering high-quality content without commercial influence.

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Providing Value to Us

The value-for-value model hinges on the principle that the audience should reciprocate the value they derive from the podcast in any form they can. This approach fosters a strong, loyal community where the listeners and creators are mutually invested in the podcast’s success. By embracing the 3 Ts—time, talent, and treasure—this model ensures a sustainable, community-oriented production that thrives on genuine support and collaboration.

Simply listen to the podcast and share it with others to return value to us in the form of your time.

Reach out to us on the contact page to provide artwork, music, lessons, or anything else that might be helpful to the podcast to return value in the form your talent.

Listen to the show in a modern podcast app that supports the “value” tag or use one of the links below to donate to the show in the form of Bitcoin or traditional currency to return value to the show in the form of your treasure.

Donate Bitcoin via GetAlby

Donate Traditional Currency via PayPal