Flipgrid Updates

In addition to announcing that Flipgrid was now 100% free in June, Flipgrid has listened to feedback from it’s users and made some awesome updates.

Grid Launchpad

With Grid Launchpad now released, passwords are no longer needed to setup your grid for your community. There are various ways to do so.

School E-Mail Domain

Use your existing school Google or Microsoft e-mail domain to control access to your Grids. Simply add everything after the @ sign in your addresses to make the restriction take affect. You can even use multiple domains in case your school/district/etc. use separate domains for teachers and students.

Student ID List

You can create a list of students and give them a unique identifier for the purpose of logging in. This is great for situations where students may not easily remember their e-mail addresses or passwords. Their unique identifier can be anything! It can be their ID number, their lunch pin, etc. Each student will also get a QR code that they can scan and quick access the Grid or Topic with no extra effort needed on their part.

PLC/Public Grids

Having the ability to amplify a community outside of your school can be done using this type of Grid. Anyone with the Flip Code can access the videos in your Grids or Topics. Remember that student information still needs to be protected and students under a certain age (13 in the United States) must have their parental consent to be able to use the service.