Flipgrid Do’s and Don’ts

Flipgrid has published a list of Do’s and Don’ts for getting started using Flipgrid in your classroom.


  • Do read Flipgrid’s Privacy Policy and Terms of Use
  • Do follow your school policies around using the application and sharing with other schools
  • Do clean up the student content when you no longer need it or if you leave your school mid-year.
  • Do be sure to collect consent forms from all students before onboarding them on the platform, completed by parents/guardians.
  • Do comply with any student requests to take down Flipgrid content.
  • Do let students know that the tool is for educational purposes only.


  • Don’t share student information outside the classroom or the school.
  • Don’t use Flipgrid to request students to buy things (for example, don’t encourage them to use Amazon to buy a book or download a paid app).