Chrome Extensions for Citations

Students and teachers often times struggle to remember the various formats for citations of sources they may be using for work in their classes. Today on EdTech Shorts, we’ll look at a few options for creating citations of your sources using Chrome Extensions.

Apogee (Link)

Apogee is a citation maker that will cite your source in both APA and MLA formats. You simply open up the webpage and create a citation with a single click of the extension from the toolbar. You can then paste the citation into the works cited page of your project. Apogee is 100% free and available in the Chrome Web Store.

Cite This For Me (Link)

With Cite This For Me, you simply click the extension from the toolbar and create a citation in MLA, APA, Chicago, or Harvard citation styles. You simply copy and paste the citation into the works cited page of your project similarly to Apogee. You can also go to their website ( and create additional citations for books, journals, and more. Cite This For Me is also available in the Chrome Web Store.

EasyBib Toolbar (Link)

My favorite of these citation tools is the EasyBib Toolbar. With a single click, your citations will be created in EasyBib on a pre-formatted work cited page that can easily be copied and pasted into your project. What makes EasyBib standout is that it will measure the credibility of the websites you are preparing citations for and let you know that prior to creating the citation